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Best Web Hosting ® and Web Design
and Web Site Maintenance.
Best Web Hosting ® has been in the web hosting and web design business since 1998. We live up to our name and 25 years of being in the web hosting business shows that we are truly the BEST. There are reasons that – in spite of being a small company – we successfully compete with major companies. Some of the reasons for our success include:

We offer high quality, high speed web hosting with all of our web hosting plans. We are proud to say that we have 99% uptime.

We include incomparable, personalized customer service. At you are assigned a specific person to handle ALL of your web hosting needs.

BestWebHosting has World-Class Technical Support and we can and do answer almost any questions that you have about the web and about web sites. We can and do solve just about any problem that you may encounter on your web site. Our technical expertise is included with our web hosting.

We are committed to protecting your web site’s security and your privacy.

We care about you and we treat your web site like it is our own web site.

At, we are not here to sell you services that you do not need. The only services that we offer are best web hosting, domain name registrations and web design. We do not try to sell you larger best web hosting packages that you need. always strives to exceed customer expectations by delivering second-to-none service. We believe that the customer deserves technical support and customer support with the utmost care and respect. We treat our customers the way that we want to be treated.

Best Web Host, Inc. is and always has been an American Company run by Americans in the United States of America.

Our Web hosting servers are located in state-of-the-art data centers in the United States of America.

We respect and protect your privacy.

We do NOT sell our customer lists!!!
We do not give anyone any information about you and/or your web site. and and Best Web Host, Incorporated do NOT sell your personal information to anyone!!!

We do not hire employees “like McDonald’s” – in other words – our employees do not come and go and only 2 top level people have access to your web site and your credit card information. These are the same 2 people that have worked here for 23 years. In this day and age of identity theft- why would you chance your information with any company that allows their employees to have access to your information?

We are not the least expensive web hosting company- but we are certainly the Best Web Hosting company.

Give us a try. We know that you will find all of the above information to be true and that you will be extremely pleased with our Best Web Hosting and web design services. Why choose anything but the Best Web Hosting service?