Best Web Hosting Help Page – Bandwidth Statistics

Best Web Hosting Bandwidth Statistics display bandwidth usage information. Best Web Hosting Bandwidth information allows you to monitor the heaviest traffic times for your website, and helps you decide whether you should purchase additional bandwidth.

Click the Bandwidth icon in your Best Web Hosting Control Panel (cPanel)

Bandwidth information displays over several sets of graphs. Each graph contains information about bandwidth usage during a particular period of time.

Bandwidth information displays in six categories:
HTTP (web traffic)
POP3 (received email)
IMAP (received email)
FTP (file transfer)
SMTP (sent email)

The All category, displayed in green, provides the combined total of all of the other categories. Bandwidth is only recorded for outgoing SMTP messages. Incoming messages are not included in the bandwidth calculation.

Each pie chart contains information that pertains to a particular month. The pie charts show the proportion of monthly bandwidth used by each service (for example, FTP or SMTP) that is associated with a domain.

To view more information about a particular month, click the Total (all services) link. You can view this information for a particular month when you click the appropriate Total (all services) link on the main page.

This page contains a series of bandwidth usage graphs that pertain to a particular month. They display the amount of bandwidth used by each type of traffic: HTTP, POP3, IMAP, FTP, and SMTP.

Note: You may notice discrepancies between information WHM provides and the information that log processing programs (such as AWStats, Webalizer, or Analog Stats) provide. To learn more about this, read our documentation about bandwidth discrepancies.

Below the Bandwidth Transfer Detail bar graphs, a chart shows the proportion of bandwidth used by each type of traffic for each day of the month. You can click on a particular day, as long as it falls within the last 14 days, to see more detail.

Note: You may notice discrepancies between the data in bandwidth graphs and the data displayed in other areas of Best Web Hosting Control Panel (cPanel). To learn more about this, read our documentation about how bandwidth graphs are generated.